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See how this personal trainer used Instagram video to generate local interest.

Unbeaton Bodies
Personal Trainer
The Goal

Generating interest and growing a local client base

Jabari Beaton is the owner and personal trainer at Unbeaton Bodies. As a personal trainer, Jabari generally relies on word-of-mouth marketing to build his clientele and grow his business. Since fitness videos are a growing trend on Instagram, full-service gyms and personal trainers are opting to market their businesses with video. Noticing this trend, Jabari decided to try video marketing on Instagram for his own personal training brand.

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Product: Marketing Video

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Product: Marketing Video

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The Solution

Targeted video ads on Instagram

With Animoto Marketing, Jabari quickly created a thumb-stopping video ad using assets shot on his phone during a session with an existing client. Jabari tells us, “I see so many personal trainers and fitness professionals posting regularly on social media, but can’t always find time in my schedule for it.” By gathering assets for his marketing videos during his daily routine, Jabari was able to showcase his expertise without having to spend additional time shooting video clips. The workout video ad gave potential customers in the local New York area a quick look at a training sessions with Jabari, and encouraged them to try it out for themselves with a call to action to “Sign Up.”

Using Facebook Ads Manager, Jabari was able to place his Animoto video ad on Instagram and specifically target people who lived or worked within a two-mile radius of the gyms where he trains, making careful use of his $200 ad spend.

Because he wanted to post his video ad on Instagram, he created a square video using Animoto Marketing, but was unsure of how long to make his marketing videos. He needed a quick, cost-effective solution to help him figure out whether a shorter or longer version of the same video would have more success. So, he used Animoto to make a copy of his video, creating two versions of the same ad. He then trimmed his video clips to quickly create a 26-second and a 45-second version of the ads, and shared both on Instagram. The longer ad outperformed the shorter one. In fact, it received 55 times the number of link clicks from people interested in learning more about his services.

"Animoto makes it easy for me to make professional videos for Instagram. The likes and compliments on my video ad give my business credibility and encourage others to try my services for themselves."

– Jabari Beaton, Owner & Personal Trainer

The Results

Driving views and consultations with Instagram video

The Instagram video ad amassed 4803 views. A call to action led viewers to a landing page designed to convert potential customers, encouraging them to reach out or sign up for a consultation. As a result, the video drove more than views and traffic for Jabari—his first video test also helped Jabari book a consultation—the first step to a new, regular client.

Key Takeaways

Use your mobile device to take photos and video clips while you work

Reach the right audience with local targeting

Include a call to action to drive results

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