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This fitness studio used video ads on Instagram and Facebook to amp up their local marketing.

Pure Barre Red Bank
Fitness Studio
The Goal

Building brand awareness in the local community on Facebook and Instagram

Pure Barre Red Bank is a local fitness studio owned by Melanie Colman and Molly D’Alessio since 2013. Because social video is a growing trend in the fitness landscape, full-service gyms, personal trainers, and boutique fitness studios, like Melanie and Molly's, are having to adapt to compete. And since Pure Barre Red Bank had a built-in audience on Facebook and Instagram, marketing videos seemed like the right way to stand out on social.

As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, health food junkie, mother of two, and studio owner, Melanie had her hands full, but still wanted to find a way to incorporate video into Pure Barre Red Bank’s marketing strategy. She decided to try Animoto Marketing to create a video ad marketing the studio.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold

The Solution

Highlighting what sets your brand apart to attract customers

It took less than a day for Pure Barre Red Bank to create and share their video ad, using photos and videos shot at their fitness studio and pairing it with the song “Shut the Floor,” by Curious from Animoto’s commercially licensed music library.

The marketing video gave viewers a sneak peak into the member experience at Pure Barre Red Bank, without their ever having to step foot into the studio. Animoto’s color customization capabilities helped Pure Barre Red Bank get precise with their branding--their square video used branded colors and text to share information about the studio’s $99 intro month promotional offer. Since 85% of Facebook video is watched with the sound off, Melanie also added easy-to-read text into her video ad to help get her message out.

"Using Animoto Marketing boosted traffic to our Facebook and Instagram pages. The text and branding options are perfect for getting the word out about what we do here at Pure Barre Red Bank, and it’s an effective way to share our specials and offers."

– Melanie Colman, Co-owner, Pure Barre Red Bank

The Results

Generating brand recognition through customer engagement and testimonials

Pure Barre Red Bank’s Facebook video garnered 13,836 views, 134 reactions, and was shared numerous times by followers. By featuring real, current customers in its videos and by narrowly targeting the Red Bank geographical area via Facebook Ads Manager, the studio was able to win the attention of potential clients in the local community.

For a fitness studio, having customers comment, like, and especially share your content is monumental in amplifying word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, 85% of consumers turn to online reviews to determine whether or not a local business is reputable. The option to share a video ad was more cost effective than placing an ad in a magazine or on a billboard. Pure Barre Red Bank’s video ad was shared 18 times, proof that the studio had created content that resonated and that its target audience wanted to share.

Melanie decided to post the video on Instagram, after its success on Facebook. The promo amassed 7,424 views, and unlike static images, the video ad inspired engagement in the form of likes and comments, using word-of-mouth marketing to build credibility within their community. One of their customers even commented, “LOVE Pure Barre, and LOVE their Red Bank location!!!!”.

For Pure Barre Red Bank, Animoto Marketing offers an effective way to reach their local area across multiple social media platforms. The fitness studio continues to use targeted video ads on Facebook and Instagram to share holiday promotions and other special offers. Their best performing videos are still the ones that feature real customers and their stories.

Key Takeaways

Amplify local recognition by featuring staff and customers

Use location targeting in Facebook Ads Manager to reach your community

Foster trust by showcasing real people using your products or services

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