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See how small and large businesses are getting attention and connecting with customers through video marketing. With success stories for photographers, real estate agents, non-profit organizations, ecommerce sites, and more, these video case study examples can help inspire your own video campaigns. Learn strategies that you can apply to grow your own business through videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms.

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  • See how Billboard quickly created a square video that drove over half a million views on Facebook.

  • Jane Goodall Institute showcases how non-profits can stand out on Facebook with square video.

  • See how Crate and Barrel turned its product catalog into a video ad in under 24 hours.

  • Discover how Lever’s HR team humanized their brand by highlighting company culture with video.

  • See how a square video got 2X the engagement for

  • See how Animoto square videos enabled Brussels Airlines to create their first Facebook Canvas ad.

  • See how these 3 Shopify businesses used video to drive sales, engagement, and brand awareness.

  • Buffer was able to quickly create 60 video variations for A/B tests using Animoto.

  • See how a square marketing video drove sales and trial downloads for a software company.

  • A Facebook video ad drove $3200 in donations for this non-profit.

  • This magazine inspires with a Facebook video marketing strategy that gets millions of views.

  • This portrait photographer booked 3 new clients with a $100 Facebook video ad.

  • See how video drove $10,000+ in new bookings for this adventure company.

  • See how Sue Bryce uses Animoto to easily create share-worthy social videos.

  • Mighty Leaf Tea used Animoto to quadruple its marketing video output.

  • Adding text to videos helped this dessert shop increase sales by 43%.

  • See how Awkward Family Photos used video to engage fans and increase their Amazon book ranking.

  • See the video that reached over 1M people and helped save the lives of Pit Bulls in Montreal.

  • Mezzetta jumped on a fun social trend by creating this share-worthy video.

  • Find out how Vanessa Joy uses video slideshows to maximize her wedding photography sales.

  • This farm generated local awareness with a share-worthy Facebook video.

  • Find out how Kelly Brown uses video to reach a larger audience through social media.

  • Learn why video was the best tool for telling this luxury brand's story.

  • Tamara Lackey shares how she uses video slideshows to make an impact and drive sales.

  • See the product marketing video that got one small business 3X ROI.

  • 4000 Facebook video shares later, this local bakery decided to start shipping.

  • Starting a YouTube channel landed 3 corporate clients for this flower shop owner.

  • This quilting business embraced targeted advertising on YouTube and never looked back.

  • This local store attracted attention from a large distributor, Fox News, and People Magazine with square video.

  • Learn how Nikki Closser booked 3 new clients with one marketing video on Facebook.

  • See how an Instagram ad led to the highest sales day on record for this local tea room.

  • See how this private school increased visibility by marketing on Facebook with video.

  • Learn how marketing expert Mari Smith is leading by example with Facebook videos.

  • This animal rescue non-profit raised $21,000 with Facebook's Peer-to-Peer fundraising and video.

  • See how a video about an ice cream sandwich resulted in 3X revenue for this local business.

  • Learn how this media company expanded their online community through video.

  • This private school doubled attendees for their fall open house with one Facebook video.

  • Learn how this blogger got 1.4 million views on her Facebook video.

  • Meet the small business that increased product sales by 4X with video marketing.

  • See how Facebook video ads helped this real estate brokerage reach its local community.

  • This ecommerce company increased online sales on Instagram by 48% using video.

  • This fitness studio used video ads on Instagram and Facebook to amp up their local marketing.

  • Discover how this genealogist drove 4K event RSVPs to her webinar with video.

  • See how this self-storage company cut acquisition costs by 50% with YouTube advertising.

  • See how this personal trainer used Instagram video to generate local interest.

  • Discover how this auto dealership used video to connect with buyers on Facebook Messenger.

  • Discover how this photographer booked 60% more clients with Facebook video ads.

  • See how these 3 real estate businesses used video to drive interest and engagement on social media.

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