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Video Collaboration 101: Your Team Workspace

Drive your business forward with fast, efficient video collaboration for your whole team.

How to Use the Team Workspace for Better Video Collaboration

It shouldn’t take two weeks to make a two-minute video. Give your team the video collaboration tools they need to turn ideas into videos, fast. Watch the tutorial below and learn how to seamlessly create, collaborate, and review videos with your team, all from the cloud.

Intuitive video collaboration

You and your team can watch and edit all videos in your shared Team Workspace. Get to final videos faster with time-stamped feedback.

Stay on-brand

With Saved Brands and Templates, users across your organization can create videos that are on-brand, on-message, and on-schedule.

Seamless team management

No more reaching out to add new team members. Add your team, set user roles, and purchase additional seats right from your account.

Use the Team Workspace: Step by Step


Transfer your videos

If you already have projects that you’d like to share with your team, start by transferring them to your Team Workspace. Just go to your Individual Workspace, select the projects you’d like to share, and click “Move to Team.” Once a project is transferred, you cannot transfer it back to your Individual Workspace.


Create a Saved Brand

Saved Brands allow you and your team to apply your brand colors, font, and logo to any video with a single click. Set up your team’s Saved Brands by navigating to the Design tab. Then, click the “Add brand” button and upload your custom font and logo, then choose your brand colors.


Create Saved Templates

Saved Templates are custom templates made from your own videos. To turn any of your go-to videos into a shared template, click the “Save as template” button next to your video’s title. Then, anyone on your team can use this template to create a video with your message, music, photos, brand, and more already in place.


Invite your team

Now it’s time to bring in the whole team! From your account page, click the “Invite Members” button. Then, enter the email addresses of your team members. They will receive an email invitation and a prompt to create a free Animoto account if they don’t already have one.


Set user roles and permissions

There are two roles in your Team Workspace: Admins and Producers. To change your members’ roles, go to your Account. Then, click the Settings tab. From here, you can add, remove, or adjust user roles or invite new members.


Purchase additional seats

Finally, expand and empower your team by adding additional users or purchasing more seats. First, go to Settings and click the ‘Add Seats” button. Then, purchase your additional seat and enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite.

Collaborative video editing made easy

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