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How to trim a video online for free!

Learn how to trim a video the easy way using Animoto’s online video trimmer.

Learn how to trim a video in minutes

In this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to trim videos using Animoto's user-friendly video trimmer. Discover step-by-step instructions to precisely cut video clips or trim them down to create polished videos in no time.

Trim videos for social media

Meet the length requirements of specific social media platforms like Reels, Facebook ads, TikTok, Stories and more by trimming your videos to size.

Easily trim videos

Make your videos more professional and polished by trimming extra or unwanted footage from your video clips. Or, cut video clips into multiple pieces to use throughout your video.

Sync videos to music

Synchronize your videos with your songs by trimming them down to size. Cut videos so they start and end on-beat for exciting transitions between scenes.

How to trim a video in Animoto


Upload your media or browse our stock library

The first step is to upload the photos and video clips you’d like to include in your video. If your personal library is running thin, you can pull licensed media from our Getty Images stock library.


Drag and drop into a Media Block

Next, drag and drop your videos into a Block. Scale the video up or down to fit neatly into the Block.


Trim your video clips

Next, trim your video clips down to your desired length. Select your video and click on the scissors icon. Then, drag and drop the blue buffers on either end to cut your video and remove unwanted footage from the beginning and end.


Edit and customize your video

Now that you’re done trimming your video clips, it’s time to make your video your own! Add personalized touches by applying your brand colors and adding new transitions, music, and customized text. Or, stick to the elements selected by our expert designers for quick and easy creation.


Share your video with the world

Finally, your video is ready to share! Click on the share icon in the top right corner of your workplace. Then, choose the social media platform you’d like to share to. You can also download your video to share it anywhere including emails, your company intranet, flash drives, and more.

Trim videos online for free!

Use Animoto’s built-in video trimmer and other user-friendly features to create professional videos in minutes. Upgrade any time for more customization.