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How to crop videos and photos online for free!

Learn how to crop videos and photos within a Block using Animoto’s online video cropper.

Learn how to crop videos and photos the easy way

In this comprehensive tutorial video, we will guide you step-by-step on using Animoto's online video cropper to quickly scale your photos and videos. Discover how to crop videos online with ease, whether you're looking to crop a video for social media, crop an MP4 file, or simply adjust your media to fit our video layouts.

Create professional videos

Turn your photos and video clips into professional videos! Just upload your media, drag and drop it into a template, then crop your videos and photos to make your subject shine.

Resize for any platform

Filmed in the wrong video aspects? You can easily crop videos and photos to match any aspect ratio in Animoto. Just drag into a media Block or resize your template.

Add stock media

Don’t have all the media you need? Fill in with media from our Getty Images library! Then, just scale and crop our videos and photos like you would your own.

How to crop videos and photos in Animoto


Upload your media or browse our stock library

The first step to upload the media you’d like to include in your video. If your personal library is running thin, you can pull photos and videos from our Getty Images stock library.


Drag and drop into a Media Block

Next, drag and drop media into a Block. If your image or video is cut off in your selected layout, you can adjust its size by using the scale or cropping feature. Or, select another layout that’s better suited for your media.


Scale and crop your videos and photos

Next, select the photo or video you’d like to crop. Click the Scale button and use the slider to zoom in or out of your selected media. Or, click and drag the media to reposition it and align it in the frame.


Edit and customize your video

Next, comes the fun part – making your video your own! Apply your brand colors, change the transitions, add music, and customize the text to reflect your unique vision. Or, use the expertly-chosen designs for quick and easy creation.


Share your video with the world

Finally, your video is ready to share! Click on the share icon in the top right corner of your workplace. Then, choose the social media platform you’d like to share to. ou can also download your video to share it anywhere including emails, your company intranet, flash drives, and more.

Crop videos online for free!

Now that you know how to crop videos with Animoto’s online video cropper, you’re ready to get started! Upgrade for more customization and access to even more stock photos and videos.