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At Animoto, we make video creation easy with best practices already baked in to all of our pre-built storyboard templates. Together with Eventbrite, we've created three new video templates, built with event marketers in mind. Take a look and learn more below.

Animoto video templates tailor-made for Eventbrite customers.

Eventbrite pre-built storyboards: The most effective way to promote your event.

Video has been proven to be the most effective way to engage leads and convert prospects into customers. Pre-built storyboard templates make it easy.

  • Choose a storyboard template
    Select a template tailor-made for Eventbrite customers or one of the dozens of templates Animoto has to offer.
  • Add photos and video clips
    Replace the photos and video clips with your own content or choose from our Getty Images library, included with Professional and Business Plans.
  • Make it your own
    Customize the text to suit your needs and select a song from our library to set the tone.
  • Share your Eventbrite video
    Once you’re happy with your video, you can finalize it and share wherever you like including to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—all from your Animoto account.