Animoto 2024 Business Video Trends Report

Every year, we’re seeing more and more businesses use video not just to market their products, but to communicate. In office and online, video communication is the new standard.

Business video playbook

We surveyed 400 professionals to uncover the video trends that are moving their businesses forward. Now, we're sharing their video playbooks with you!

Full steam ahead: The proliferation of video creation

From marketing to internal training, video has permeated the entire business. Today, 90% of businesses create a video at least once a day. In 2024, 86% of businesses said they plan to make even more videos. As the digital landscape evolves, the 10% of businesses not using video risk missing out.

Beyond Marketing: Video's rise in the workplace

It’s a tie!

In the past, marketing and promotional videos were  businesses' primary focus. Due to the shit towards remote and hybrid work, 71% of professionals said they create videos for both internal and external purposes.

The key to engagement

Video’s unique ability for personalization outshines all other mediums. More and more, businesses are finding that video propels engagement, fosters strong connections, and contributes to overarching business success.

Top 3 ways businesses use video


Businesses use video as a potent marketing tool to engage and attract new customers. They're creating advertising videos, boosting organic posts, and making viral videos to attract and engage new customers.


Video stands apart from repetitive and inauthentic sales emails. Now, businesses are creating tailored product demonstration, testimonial, and follow-up videos that impress and persuade potential clients.


Video is a versatile and engaging tool to support skill development. Employees can access and watch training videos on their own time and at their own pace, making the material more accessible and efficient for everyone.

What's the goal?

It all comes down to connection and attraction! Companies are actively seeking authentic ways to cultivate and strengthen their teams. They're using video to add personal touches to their communications that make them more memorable and engaging. Similarly, marketers aim to attract new customers with creative and professional videos. With animations, photos, music, and more, they are able to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Video boosts employee engagement

With years of steadfast video usage under the belt, it's no longer a gamble – video is a proven strategy. In our survey, a resounding 100% of participants expressed their confidence in video in enhancing employee engagement. This vote of confidence isn't just a testament to the transformative power of video, it's an endorsement from those who have experienced its impact firsthand.

The growing appetite for video

The video momentum shows no sign of slowing! In 2024, 86% of companies said they plan to create more videos than they did in 2023. From promotions to sales, customer support, brand awareness, and more, video established itself as an indispensable asset for businesses.

Moving forward: Video is the new standard

In 2024, businesses said that video will be their top choice and primary tool in their communications strategy. Asynchronous video will continue as the industry standard for HR, people operations, and internal communications teams. Even managers and executives will get in on the action, using video to forge personal connections throughout the organization.

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