Which Style Should I Use? Using Vertical Photos

Moira West


Your Animoto video is aligned horizontally, but you’ve got a bunch of vertical shots that you absolutely love. What should you do? Well, we created a list of some great vertical-friendly video styles that’ll make your vertical photographs pop.

Check out this video, with photos by wedding photographer Marcus Bell, to see what we mean:


Photographer and co-founder of Fstoppers, Lee Morris, co-designed this simple, elegant style that lets you show two vertical images at once without any cropping images to landscape.
Create a video with Timeless

Paper Array

With a background like textured paper, this style incorporates movement as it transitions between photos, generating interest on the screen whether photos are vertical or horizontal.
Create a video with Paper Array

Light Panes

Subtle light panes illuminate the frames of this style in a sophisticated way, making your photos stand out.
Create a video with Light Panes

Modern Minimalist

Based on Design Aglow’s popular Modern Minimalist collection, this full-frame style lets you view two portrait photographs in one slide.
Create a video with Modern Minimalist

Proof Sheet

Create a proof sheet of your images in a style that captures the drama of the darkroom. Dynamic transitions between photos keep viewers’ interest and highlight your photos, regardless of orientation.
Create a video with Proof Sheet


This style presents photos in wooden frames and gives them a warm cast. The evocative style of Rustic works well for vertical photos since the animations in it accentuate your work, sometimes presenting as many as three vertical images in a frame.
Create a video with Rustic

Whether your images are vertical or horizontal, there’s a style that’ll work for you. Try out one of the styles we’ve suggested, or take a look at one of the more than 90 styles Animoto has to offer.