Photography Marketing Video Bootcamp Challenge #2: Get their attention.

Moira West


After the beautiful and visually arresting videos you brought us in Challenge #1, we’re excited to see what you’ll create for Challenge #2! This week we’re challenging you to make a video with a great hook — a beginning that grabs viewers’ attention and keeps them watching. Take a look at the video below, then read on for tips that share a few ways you can draw in your audience from the very start of your marketing video.

The Challenge: Get their attention.

The fact is you have about 3 seconds to hook your viewers before they move onto the next video. So a good opening is key to keeping their eyes on you. Check out these 4 ways to create a video that wows potential clients right away.

Challenge Tips

We mentioned these tips in the video above, but here we’re delving into more detail to help you get started.

Use your most eye-catching image first

Don’t save your best images for the end — the truth is your audience might not see them. Instead, front-load your video with your very best images to stop your audience from scrolling. Try for a photo with dramatic composition, with strong emotional impact, or with a surprising element that’ll make your audience want to find out more.

Start with a video clip

Though you can create an amazing marketing video with a slideshow, that extra bit of motion from a video clip can draw attention in those first crucial seconds. And for portrait and wedding photographers, a well-placed clip of your client laughing or smiling during your shoot can help your audience envision themselves in front of your lens.

Ask a question

Why should you ask a question at the start of your video? When you ask someone a question, you make them stop and think for a moment — a precious moment during which your audience is still watching your video. A question also creates intrigue, and if you ask a question that your audience really wants to answer, they’ll stick around and keep watching.

Skip the logo at the beginning

Though you want to get your name out there and help potential clients recognize your brand, you should save your logo for the end of your video. Why? When you’ve only got 3 seconds, you’ve got to get going right away — you may lose viewers before you ever get to show your work. But before you worry that people won’t know who you are, just remember when you post videos on social media, those posts will link back to you and make it easy to get in touch.

When you’re done with your Challenge #2 video, we’d love to see it! Share it here in the comments or head over to our Animoto for Professional Photographers group on Facebook. Share your video there and get feedback from group members, or just get inspired by what other photographers are creating. Happy video making!