Photography Marketing Video Bootcamp Challenge #1: Share your video business card.

Moira West


As a photographer, you already have what you need to create compelling marketing — your images. But if you’d like a little help turning those images into thumb-stopping videos, you’ve come to the right place — our newly launched, 100% free Photography Marketing Video Bootcamp.

We’re giving you three weekly video challenges, hosted by Animoto’s Customer Owner of Photography, Sally Sargood to inspire you to market with video and give you the info you need to succeed. You can participate in each challenge by joining our Animoto for Pro Photographers group on Facebook, or just jump in by checking out Challenge #1 below.

The Challenge: Share your video business card

This week’s challenge is simple — create a video business card with your contact information and 6 photos that you already have.

Challenge Tips

Even if you have experience creating slideshow videos, marketing videos offer more ways to make an impact on social media. Here are a few tips creating a video business card that’ll keep potential clients watching.

Add text over your photos

A good marketing video informs and entices at the same time. So don’t waste time with a separate text block — just add your text onto the same block as your photos and video clips. You can also customize the look of your text by selecting a font that matches your brand, then changing the color, location, and size to suit your video. For more tips on what works, check out this blog post on tips for using text.

Play with pacing

You can make your video seem elegant or edgy by choosing the right pacing for your video. In our Marketing Video Builder, you can affect that pacing through the style you choose or by adjusting the individual pacing of each image or text block with our pacing controls.

Animoto marketing video pacing

Mix it up with collages

Just because you’re only sharing 6 images doesn’t mean you have to share those images one at a time. A collage can make for a more dynamic video and show off images that complement each other. Take a look at our blog post on collage best practices for inspiration, or just select a collage block in your video and start experimenting.

Adjust your photo’s framing

Another way to change up the look of your video is to play with how you frame your photos. In Marketing Video Builder, you can do that by selecting a photo or video block and then clicking “Edit Layout.” You can use a split screen layout to show your photo on one side and your text on the other, your photo can fill your frame, or you can adjust your framing so that your whole photo is visible at once — whichever shows off your images and text the best.

Have a marketing video tip of your own to share? Whether you’re posting tips, looking for feedback or needing a little inspiration, join us in the Animoto for Professional Photographers Facebook group. While you’re there, you can share your challenge videos and see what your fellow photographers are up to as part of the Photography Marketing Video Bootcamp!