Lindsay Adler’s Top 6 Songs for Fashion Photography Videos

Moira West

Lindsay Adler

Fashion photography videos create a virtual catwalk for audiences. So we turned to fashion photographer extraordinaire Lindsay Adler to get the scoop on what she looks for when she’s creating her photography videos.

For fashion photography, Lindsay prefers electronic instrumentals. “I want something that’s modern, fast-paced, and attention grabbing. I also like songs with a bit of momentum, perhaps building a bit in speed and beat. This works great with my behind-the-scenes videos, as I build my sets, hair and makeup, and then finally reveal the complete look.”

Lindsay likes to have a broad selection at her fingertips. “Choosing a music selection is very personal, and different photographic projects and styles will require completely different tempos and styles of music. This is why having a wide range of music to select from is very important.” Still, she finds herself using certain songs again and again when creating videos. Take a listen to her favorites:

1. “Backlash” by Shotgun Radio: With a steady rhythm and a funky, distorted melody, this song is reminiscent of the kind of music you’d find in a spy thriller. Breaks in the music vary the tempo and keep the audience on their toes.

2. “Danger Zone” by Atlantica: This tune mixes modern electronica with some 1980s-style synth to create a driving rhythm, ideal for striking a pose.

3. “Sunstruck” by Jonathan VanAtom: Featuring a trance-like vibe and lots of changes in pace, this song has the build in momentum Lindsay looks for in her music selections — it starts fast before slowing down to a dream-like melody and then builds back up to a pulsing crescendo.

4. “Black Ferrari” by Das Tapas: This song uses electronic sounds — almost like a voice — to create a melody, Plus, staccato bursts of sound can highlight changes in images or video clips of models in action.

5. “Run” by Roy Ashen: More rock than electronica, this moody tune lets its electric guitar and string instruments intensify as the song goes on, before reaching its crashing finale.

6. “Insomniac” by Nard Berings: This tune has a light, fast beat that’s both fun and fashionable, creating a catwalk-ready sound for your video.

The right song can catch your audience’s attention while providing a beat that punctuates the changes between your photos. With pulse-pumping music and a great video style to match, you can share the excitement of a fashion show with viewers while showing off your stylish images.

Wondering what video style to try? Try Runway, the style Lindsay co-designed with Animoto, and used in the video above.