Video Styles for Family and Children Portraits

Becky Brooks


The first style Animoto style co-designed with a professional photographer was Innocence. We partnered with family and children portrait photographer, Tamara Lackey, to create a style that is crisp, clean and all about the images.

Since then we have added even more styles that are perfect for family and portrait photographers. Here are some of our favorite styles for you to check out the next time you’re creating a slideshow of your family and children portrait photography:


Co-designed with portrait photographer Tamara Lackey, your photos are enveloped in the soft glow of innocence.
Create a video with Innocence.


Co-designed with portrait photography artist Vicki Taufer, this style showcases your subjects through a pro’s lenses.
Create a video with Aperture.

Away We Go

Co-designed with Clickin Moms, an online community for female photographers, this style showcases your imagery in a vibrant and colorful way.
Create a video with Away We Go.


Watch your photos come to life as they transition from black and white and into vibrant color.
Create a video with Vibrance.

Infinite Collage

The simple backdrop of this subtle style lets your photos shine through and tell your story.
Create a video with Infinite Collage.

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