Focusing on Customer Experience with Natalie Licini



Natalie Licini photographer

Natalie Licini is the owner of Je Revele, a fine art photography studio located in New Jersey that has seen a ton of growth in the past year.

She has been kind enough to share some of the practices and philosophies she employs to build great relationships with clients.

1) Your studio has seen a lot of growth in the past year. Why do you think you’ve seen this increase? Have you been doing anything differently?

After several years working part time, I launched full force and full time in 2011 to grow the business. I invested a great deal in marketing and advertising to build awareness in my community. I put brochures in high end stores and doctors offices. World of mouth marketing has always been an integral part of meeting new and wonderful clients. Social Media has helped build brand awareness.

2) How do you set yourself apart from other photographers? What makes your approach unique?

After 5 years developing my business and my craft studying with some of the masters in photography, I refined my business model to focus on customer experience and building great relationships. In my former career working in finance, I felt a disconnect from people. I had such a passion for photography and creating heirlooms for people and for myself and family too. I enjoy meeting new clients and being a part of their lives, even if its just a small part hopefully again and again. I created a business that was fun for our team and for our clients in an atmosphere that I dreamed of. But it was a long time in the making with loads of tweaking along the way.

je revele studio castle

Our brand and style of photography is different in our area. In 2011, after I rebranded my business focusing on fine art photography, I looked for unique studio space. I moved into a mansion that was filled with old world charm. In 2012, I expanded my business and moved to New Jersey. I leased a larger studio in a historic castle built by the Johnson and Johnson family filled with old world charm and endless beauty. I had gorgeous outdoor grounds in addition to the indoor studio space. Few studios in the NYC metro area offer both indoor and outdoor options in the same location.

The castle did need some work but that’s where the dreaming began. In the castle, filled with arched windows, stained glass, I had visions of creating an elegant, very functional studio with custom cabinets, arched walls, beautiful chandeliers. We leased space that was formerly used to hold soirees for the Johnson and Johnson family. We wanted to convert it to a studio with a private viewing room for clients, office and production area since we do all our printing in house and separate area to photograph clients. The construction began over a 3 month period so not to interfere much with servicing clients. Our new studio was black and white, chic with traditional elegance and some modern pieces. Plush silk and velvet drapes in the custom arched wall separating our office from the studio.

3) You and your team prioritize customer experience. Why is this so important to you, and how do you make sure your client’s session is unforgettable?

Our sessions are all about our clients. Their journey with Je Revele begins with a pre-consultation to help plan a one of a kind experience. Whether its a family portrait, engagement session, boudoir session or newborn session we furnish clients with everything they need to relish in their beauty, which includes in-house stylists, hors deurves, chocolates, champagne, beverages an in-house wardrobe and our conceirge-approach to designer gown rentals. During the pre-consultation, we enjoy getting to know our clients and this is a two-way purpose since it puts clients as ease as they get to know us and have a pre-established connection. We have two sessions per day. All our photo shoots begin with hair and makeup styling at 10am or 1pm, with non-stop pampering, hors deurves, beverages. Upon request, we cater lunch or have our private chef prepare dinner at the castle. Optional chauffeur transportation is convenient for our New York City and Connecticut clientele. I want our studio to be a place of comfort and relaxation, like a home away from home with a tranquil atmosphere. I want the studio to be a place that I would visit again and again.

Abbie, photographed by Natalie

4) How does Animoto fit into your business?

For every photo session at our studio (over 20+/month) we start all viewing appointments with a slideshow of our clients portraits. We include lovely quotes and music to let them experience their photos. This is an essential part of our viewing appointments.

5) What kind of results have you seen from sharing Animoto videos with your clients?

Clients are often moved to tears watching their slideshow. Animoto showcases their family heirlooms with the music and the experience is often overwhelming. Animoto really tugs on our clients heart strings. It’s the perfect start to our viewing appointments. Selecting heirlooms for your family to cherish for decades is such an important decision and Animoto really sets the mood highlighting their precious memories in a way that I could never do it myself.

Scarlett, 9 months

6) What advice would you give to photographers who are just starting out? Any tips you wish someone had told you when you first started your business?

I would train with the masters of photography: Jerry Ghionis, Bambi Cantrell, Yervant, Cliff Mautner to name a few. This will help you grow exponentially as a photographer. We often invest in our equipment, but in truth intensive education will pay dividends.

Natalie Licini specializes in a variety of family photography, as well as wedding and engagement photography.  In addition to her website, you can find her on Facebook.

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