Watch: A Video Proposal with a Sweet Ending

Beth Forester


Is there anything more fun than a good proposal story? A while back, I had written about proposal ideas with your leading lady’s personality in mind, but the mastermind behind today’s proposal story didn’t need any inspiration from me at all! Here’s the story behind Chris’s wonderfully thoughtful and sweet proposal to Nelly, his girlfriend of 5 years.

Check out a clip of his proposal video below and then read my interview with Chris below to find out more about the proposal story.

BETH: How did you propose?

CHRIS: On our 5th year dating anniversary, we took a day to ourselves and visited a place we spend so many weekends — Newport, Rhode Island. After walking around for a bit and having a drink or two, we had an amazing meal at The Spiced Pear, took a walk on the beach, set up a blanket with some candles and sat and listened to music. Shortly after, I played a video for Nelly, and the night ended with me getting on my knee, asking this special woman to spend the rest of her life with me.

BETH: How did you come up with the idea to work in a video?

CHRIS: My now-fiancé is a wedding photographer and uses Animoto for business. I wanted a good way to showcase our story and integrate the video portion. Our kids are our lives, and it wouldn’t feel right to propose without including them.

BETH: How did you hear about Animoto?

CHRIS: Nelly uses Animoto for her wedding photography business. I’m also the executive assistant to Jerry Ghionis and a good friend of (Animoto team member) Sally Sargood, so needless to say, Animoto is our go-to video maker.

BETH: Could you provide a little background on the idea for the video and how you came up with it?

CHRIS: Nelly is shy most of the time, so the idea of a huge public proposal was an absolute no-go. I wanted to make it personal and about us, and have it be something she could look back on for years to come. We’ve had the fortune to travel a bit together for business and also personally, and I wanted to relive a bit of that through the proposal as well. The kids reactions needed to be completely natural too, and not rehearsed. They had no idea what they were doing or why I was recording them. It worked out perfectly.

I just loved Chris’s video proposal — and those kids…too cute! It just goes to show you that a video can be a beautifully meaningful part of a proposal, capturing so many shared memories in one place. I can’t wait to see more of Chris and Nelly’s videos as they go through their wedding journey. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!