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Celebrate your love story with video

Document your engagement, wedding, honeymoon, 25th anniversary, and more. Animoto's wedding video maker lets you quickly create videos and slidshows that'd be the centerpiece at any reception or anniversary party and that you can save and enjoy for years to come.

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3 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding with Video

Story of Us Video

Share the story of your romance using photos and video clips from your relationship. Post your video to your wedding website or show it at your reception.

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Wedding Invitation Video

Make your wedding invite more unique. Let friends and family know about your wedding with a video invitation or save-the-date. Email out your invites or share them on social media.

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Wedding Anniversary Video

Celebrate a marriage with an anniversary video. Use photos from the wedding day through the present to create a one-of-a-kind slideshow to share at a wedding anniversary party.

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What to include in your Story of Us video

  1. Use old family photosHunt down pictures of the two of you as kids to help tell your story. Images of the bride and groom as children will tug on the heartstrings of guests visiting your wedding website or watching a slideshow at your reception.
  2. Search social mediaIf you regularly post on Facebook or Instagram, you can import these images or video clips right into Animoto. Look for photos from your engagement or even your first date to help build your narrative.
  3. Think about your interestsHobbies, sports, and favorite music, books, or movies can all help you tell your story. If a shared passion brought you together, make sure to include it in your engagement video or wedding website video.

3 Elements of a successful video wedding invitation

  1. Add your personalityA wedding invitation video is endlessly customizable. Make a simple rustic wedding invite with country music and muted colors or get elegant with a glamorous video style and black-and-white color palette. Whatever style works for you, you can find fonts, colors, and music that'll match the vibe you want in your video.
  2. Start strong; end quicklyA wedding invitation video should be about a minute or less, especially if it contains info guests are going to need. Start off with attention-grabbing photos or video footage, share your message, then close out your video quickly.
  3. Remember the detailsEven though a video wedding invitation gives you more room for creativity and fun, it's main purpose is to give guests wedding details. Make sure to include your names, the date, time, and wedding location. If you have a wedding website, add a link to that too so guests can can go there for more info.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary with a video

  1. Choose your favorite picturesIf you have box after box of old photos, only pick our your absolute favorites. It'll give your video better visuals and make sure each memory you select stands out. Can't find enough pictures? Try scanning old photo albums, pull photos from your computer or social media accounts, or call on friends and family to see if they have any images you can use.
  2. Include friends and familyGrab video clips of friends and family to help them feel involved. Or go even further! Interview the wedding couple's loved ones sharing their well wishes. Family and friends can record their own interviews on their phones. Then collect their footage and put it together in one heartwarming video.
  3. Find your soundAnimoto lets you filter songs by genre, mood, and more. Personalize your anniversary video by choosing a song from our library or upload your own music to give your video a romantic soundtrack that's handpicked for your spouse.

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How to make a wedding video in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips from your computer
  3. Personalize your wedding video by changing colors, text, and music
  4. Produce and share your video on social media, via email, or show it at your event.

Make a wedding video in minutes

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