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How To Make a Wedding Anniversary Video with Music

Moira West


Creating a slideshow video for your anniversary helps tell the story of your relationship in a way that’s easy to revisit and share. And it’s simple to create one, even if you’ve never made a video before. So whether you’re creating a gift celebrating your 50th anniversary or your first, take a look at our guide for making and sharing a wedding anniversary slideshow with music.

How to make an anniversary video in Animoto

Before you get started on your anniversary slideshow, log onto Animoto. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s easy to sign up for free.

1. Choose a template

Animoto has dozens of professionally designed templates to help you get started. A template like Save the Date is a good starting point if you want an elegant design, or use the Engagement Slideshow template as a springboard for an eye-catching, easy-to-read video.

2. Upload images and video clips

You can take images and video clips from almost anywhere. Scan old photos, use photos and video clips from your computer, or grab images and video from social media accounts, like Facebook or Instagram.

Pro Tip: Get friends and family involved in making your video, too. If everyone is social distancing, have loved ones record short messages to the couple or share favorite memories. Mix these short video clips with old photos, and you’ll make your anniversary slideshow even more special to its recipients.

3. Drag and drop

Once you’ve uploaded your photos and video clips, drag and drop them right into your video from your Media Library. You can even create photo bursts to create a rapid series of images or collages to display more than one photo at a time.

When you have everything ready, change the text so that it tells the story of the couple celebrating their anniversary. Write about how they met, and go over the major couple milestones—kids, pets, their first home. You could also include small moments that’ll make them smile—holidays, vacations, or even just photos of the couple spending time together.

4. Personalize your anniversary slideshow

While all of our templates come with a set of colors and fonts, you can change these at any time to suit your taste. Play with the Design tools to create the look you want for your video. Adjust the size, color, or font for your text. Change up the video style to get different transitions. Add a video filter to give all your images a unified look. There are plenty of options to help you craft the video you imagine.

5. Choose music

Our music library has hundreds of songs from many different genres that you can choose from. For inspiration, take a look at some of our suggestions for songs for anniversary videos, or explore the tools in our music library to find the right song for your video. If you don’t find exactly what you want, you can upload your own licensed music as well.

How to share your anniversary slideshow video

After you finish your video, it’s time to share it! Take a look at a few of the ways you can show your video.

Sending your video via email

Once your anniversary slideshow is good to go, you can simply copy the video’ URL and paste it into an email.

Don’t feel like leaving Animoto? You can send an email right from your video’s play page. Click the email icon and you’ll see a popup window. Fill in your recipients’ email addresses and add a written message, if you’d like. Then hit send, and you’re all set.

Posting your video on social media

If you plan to share on social media, start by downloading your finished video. Then you can upload it to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. Tag the couple celebrating the anniversary to make sure they, and all their friends, can see it.

Watching at an anniversary party

If you’re having an anniversary party, you can show your video on a TV or through a projector. Many TVs have USB ports that allow you to plug your video right into the television. If that’s not an option, you can plug your computer into the television with an HDMI cable or use Chromecast or Airplay to send out your video from your phone or computer.

Sharing an anniversary video during social distancing

If you want to celebrate an anniversary with loved ones, but can’t be there in person, you can get together virtually. Share your screen during a Zoom meeting or Google Meet session and play your videos so that everyone on the call can watch it together.

But no matter how you decide to share your anniversary video, it’ll be clear a lot of love went into creating it.

Anniversary video ideas & tips

Here are 3 key elements of making a meaningful anniversary video gift. If you already have an idea in mind and are ready to create your own video, you can click right here to get started on your own anniversary video gift.

TIP #1: Make a highlight reel of favorite memories

While you might be tempted to include every single picture of the couple together, it’s wise to pare things down to milestones or moments you really want them to remember. Choose only your best photos and video clips to make sure your video looks its best and illustrates the love in the relationship you’re celebrating.

TIP #2: Use a mix of photos

Here again, you might think the logical thing to do is to include every photo of your spouse or significant other or the couple you’re celebrating, but what makes a good video is variety. Want to reminisce about your anniversary trip to Hawaii? Don’t just include pictures of the two of you together, but mix in some photos of things that’ll bring back richer memories — like that one of the baby turtles on the beach in Maui, or that epic mai tai served in a giant tiki mug. And don’t forget to mix in some photos of friends and family, too.

TIP #3: Speak from the heart

What’s special about a video is that you can add words to your images that share how you feel. If you don’t consider yourself much of a wordsmith, you could always include famous quotes about love. But the point of including text is to express how you really feel about your partner or the couple, so hopefully you’ll have plenty to say.

But in the end, there’s no right or wrong way to make an anniversary video. After all, the video is an expression of your love, and as long as it’s meaningful to you, it’s sure to be just as touching to your recipient.