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15 Easy Wedding Invitation Video Ideas

Moira West


Your wedding invitation is the first hint you give guests of the type of wedding you plan to have. The colors, the style, the images in it help you start to tell the story of your wedding.

And with a custom wedding video invitation, it’s that much easier to tell the exact story you want. They’re easy to customize and share wherever you like, whether it’s via email, in a private wedding Facebook group, or embedded on your website. Your video will let you connect with your guests and give them the info they need in a fun, personal way.

Take a look at a few of the ways you can create your own wedding invitation video and find inspiration to help you decide on your wedding invite’s look. If you're ready to get started, check out our post on how to make a video invitation.

Personalized wedding video invitations

Get out your old photos and get ready to make a video that’s personal, informative, and uniquely your own. We have templates that make creating your video easy -- and free!

The Story of Us video

The nice thing about video is there’s no limit to what you can do. So tell your whole love story! Show photos of both of you as children who grew up and fell in love. You can even try our Engagement Slideshow template, which can double as a wedding invitation template.

Save-the-date video

Still on the fence about a no-paper invitation? Split the difference and do a video save the date using our Save the Date template. You can still add photos and details that are unique to your wedding. Just include a few of your favorite engagement photos and add text letting guests know when you’ll be tying the knot.

Change-of-plans video

If the invitations have already been sent out and you need to make a change—say because COVID-19 has inspired you to postpone your in-person wedding—a video can get the word out, fast. Start with our Personal Announcement teamplate and then email your video and post it to your wedding website to make sure friends and family know you'll be celebrating—after the coronavirus.

More creative video ideas

Cultural wedding invitation

If your family has special wedding traditions, you can make that a part of your invitation. Highlight your Chinese tea ceremony or the menhdi before an Indian wedding. Make it easy to find out what’s going on and where, even if there are several important events going on during your wedding. Take a look at the Indian wedding invitation below, which goes over three days of wedding events and introduces the bride and groom’s parents.

Stop-motion video

With a smartphone and a little time, you can create a unique, stop-motion video to let guests know about your wedding. Get a friend to film you both in stop motion or use objects you already have to make a charming, eye-catching video. You can read up on how to make a stop-motion video and get app recommendations in our post on video effects.

Hobby-themed invitation video

If you and your soon-to-be spouse share a hobby, bring that into your invitation. Work in your favorite sports team, a movie you both love, or an activity you share. You can even make it something as simple as a mutual love of breakfast cereal or a favorite video game—anything that’ll make your guests say, This invitation is so you.

Video wedding invitation themes

Take the wedding details that’ll make your big day special and transform them into a creative, one-of-a-kind invitation.

Floral wedding invitation

If you’ve got a special flower in mind for your wedding bouquet or decorations, try to work it into your invitation. For instance, the video below brings in a field of sunflowers combined with bright, playful text.

Seasonal wedding invitation videos

Whether you’re getting married in a summer or winter, seasons can offer plenty of visual inspiration. Spring weddings can focus on bright colors, inspired by spring flowers. A summer wedding can go for a beachy vibe with tropical-inspired visuals. Fall brings in rich reds, oranges, and golds. And winter can shine with cool blues or wine-dark reds.

Wedding style

Think of a few words that you’d like to describe your wedding. Then work those into your invitation. Get a rustic or vintage wedding vibe with a warm or faded filter and country music or a retro soundtrack. Make a romantic wedding invitation with a lush instrumental music track and soft, delicate images. Go for sparkling transitions and sophisticated text for an elegant wedding.

Monochrome wedding invitations

Focusing on just one color can really make an invitation video pop. Choose one wedding color, and then use it to create a contemporary, eye-catching wedding invite. If you’re not sure what a monochromatic video might look like, check out the tutorial below.

Paper wedding invitation trends

Many of the biggest wedding invitation trends translate beautifully into video. Take a look at a few of the types of invitations that are popular this year. Then read on to find out how you can transform the latest trends into a wedding invitation video or combine it with your save-the-date video ideas.

Dark and romantic

This wedding trend features blacks and grays, combined with dark floral accents. For video, look for media that has a dark background combined with deep reds and greens. This style would work well for photos taken indoors or at night. You could also use video filters to add a mysterious, shadowy look to your photos and video clips.

Floral wreaths

Find a stock image of a wreath and use it to frame your video’s text. You can also get a real floral wreath and use it to frame photos or video clips of the two of you.


Video’s already pretty eco-friendly! It lets you skip out on wasteful paper products and tells guests you’re committed to an event with a low environmental impact. But if you have additional details about your eco-friendly event, your video invitation is a good place to spell them out.


Navy blue is one of the biggest wedding invitation colors this year. And along with navy blue comes a lot of seaworthy details. Look for anchors, boat wheels, and think about adding clips of waves crashing against the shore or boats sailing on the ocean. Then add text or backgrounds in navy blue, along with complementary accent colors, like white or yellow.

Maps and vintage travel

Paper invites are getting creative with die-cut map inserts and adorable vintage details. You can create the same old-time feeling by using a black-and-white filter, adding retro photos and video clips, or looking up old photos of your wedding venue.

DIY wedding invitations

Do-it-yourself invitations are a time-consuming proposition—if you’re talking a paper invitation. But if you’re making a video, you can get a DIY feel with a lot less work. Use textured backgrounds to add a tactile feel. You can find several in our Getty Images stock library. You can also film yourself creating a craft or hold up homemade signs. Both let you keep your crafty bona fides without breaking out the calligraphy, lace, and bows.

If you’re new to video making, you can create videos for free using Animoto. If you need a little more guidance, check out our video tutorials on YouTube for getting started with Animoto and the Video Tips section of our blog to find more info on creating your own videos.