How to Make a Mother’s Day Video Your Mom Will Love

Megan O'Neill


Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and whether you're near or far, you can always show you care with a video.


It doesn’t take long to make a video gift with a mix of old photographs, text, audio, and even clips from home videos. Read on to find Mother’s Day video template suggestions, color palettes, tips for finding photos, and even ideas for what to say in your videos.

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Make Mom a video in 5 easy steps

Your Mother’s Day video can bring you closer to your mom as you relive special moments together. Take a look at how you can make your own personalized Mother’s Day greeting using some creativity, beloved memories, and one of our video templates.

Step 1: Choose a template

Animoto has tons of templates you can choose from, each built by our designers to make sure your videos look great. For a gift for Mom, we recommend the Mother’s Day Greeting or Mother's Day Card template, shown below.

If you're looking for something more heartfelt, try out the scrapbook-style Happy Mother's Day template. It's filled with blooming flowers and room for your favorite pictures with Mom.

Step 2: Upload photos Mom will love

Now the fun begins! It’s time to upload photos to use in your video—and video clips too, if you have them. Take a trip down memory lane to find baby pictures that’ll tug on Mom’s heartstrings, or other photos you know she’ll love.

Not sure where to go for photos? Check your phone, computer, or social media accounts. You can also include the photos you’ve got on the mantle or in old photo albums. Scan them or simply take a quick photo of the old photographs with your phone. See how we did it in the video below.

Step 3: Drag and drop to build your video

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, it’s time to build your video. Simply drag and drop your assets into your project.

When you’ve uploaded all your images, add a personalized message that’ll make mom feel extra special. The Mother’s Day Greeting template already has a sweet rhyming message, but you can add whatever message is sure to make her smile. Take a look at our collection of 20 silly and sweet quotes for Mother’s Day to find some inspiration or create your own custom message.

Step 4: Find the right colors for your Mother’s Day video

Animoto lets you customize your video’s colors. In other words, you can stick with the ones that are already in your video, or you can choose your own.

Not sure what colors to use? Take a look at our custom Mother’s Day color palette below. To add them to your video, look for color tools in the Design tab. Then, you can use the Hex codes to include our Mother’s Day colors in your video.


Step 5: Add audio

Make your video even more memorable with a sweet song, heartfelt voice-over, or a combination of the two. Click on the Audio button in the toolbar to include your own voice-over, or add a song that will make mom misty-eyed.

Looking for a few music suggestions? Check out our top 7 songs for Mother’s Day, or browse our music library to find a song you think your mom will love.

Once that’s done, you can preview your video to see it in action. Then finalize your greeting and it’s ready to share your video with Mom!

How to share your Mother's Day video

Ready to share? We’ll quickly explain how to share your video in three different ways—by email, on social media, or at an online watch party.

Sending your video via email

Sharing an Animoto video through email is easy. There are two ways to do it. The first way is to copy the link to your video's play page and paste it into an email.

You can also email videos directly from Animoto. Simply click on the share icon from your finished video project and find the email option. You'll be able to fill in your recipients’ email addresses and add a written message if you’d like. Then hit send, and you’re all set!

Sharing your video on social media

Download your video to share the file directly with someone or to upload it to your desired online destinations. If your mom wants, you can send her the downloaded video so she can share it on her social media accounts, too.

Alternatively, you can also connect your social accounts with Animoto to share the video directly to multiple places quickly. Click on the share icon from any finished video project to choose the desired online destination(s). You can share the video directly to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, your Facebook page, or your Facebook profile. Don't forget to tag your mom to make sure she sees it!  

Watching your video together online

Last but not least, you can share your video with your mom–or the whole family–over a virtual call. Set up a Zoom meeting or a Google Hangout and let the whole family know when they can log on to celebrate Mom. When you’re ready, share your screen and let everyone watch your video together.

Use video for Mother's Day marketing

Did you know Mother's Day is a great opportunity to market your business with video? To learn more, check out our blog post on video marketing tips for Mother's Day. Whether you're making a video for your mom or for your business, happy video making!