4 Reasons Your Camera Phone is Better Than Your Point-and-Shoot

Megan Etzel


You always have your phone with you, which means you always have a camera, too.

Don’t overlook this valuable tool that you always have on hand!  Use it to capture photos for your video slideshows. Here’s how:

concert photography

1. Concert Photography

The rule used to be no photography, but artists and venues now embrace the camera phone. Don’t worry about lugging your expensive camera to the show when you have a great camera in your hand already!

little moments photo

2. Day-to-Day Photos

Watching your kids run through the fountain, tackling the giant sushi boat at a restaurant, or a seeing a gorgeous sunset–there’s a ton of great moments in everyday life that totally warrant a photo, even when you’ve forgotten your camera at home.

stealthy photo

3. Stealth Mode

Okay, everybody’s done it–pretending like you’re texting, but you’re actually taking a picture. It’s pretty genius way to get a shot of that woman’s crazy shoes or that adorable puppy on the sidewalk. Thank goodness for camera phones! Without them, we’d be a nation of shameless paparazzi.

animoto app logo
  1. The Animoto iPhone App

Take those photos on your camera and create a video instantly with the Animoto iPhone app. No need to upload your photos to your computer!

Use the mobile app and create a video slideshow now!