The Animoto Team

Meet Our Team: Megan, Content Marketing Manager & Stop Motion Enthusiast

Megan O'Neill


Hi, everyone! For the last few months we’ve been sharing videos from folks that work here at Animoto in a “Meet Our Team” blog segment. This feels slightly awkward but today’s featured team member is… me!

Megan Animoto Team

I’m Megan, the content marketing manager here at Animoto. I do a lot of writing and strategizing around the written content we put out there – on our blog, our website, in downloadable guides, and beyond – and some of the video content we put out there too.

Outside of work there are three things that I’m pretty obsessed with. Namely, my dog, learning to play the fiddle, and stop motion. Because stop motion is the funnest to look at (no offense to my dog, who is pretty adorable), I put together a video of some of the silly stop motion stuff I’ve made over the past 10 years or so. Enjoy!

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