The Animoto Team

Meet Our Team: Adam, Marketing Manager & World Traveler

Megan O'Neill


Meet Adam. He’s a marketing manager here at Animoto and handles retention and engagement. But when he’s not working, he’s traveling the world.

Animoto Adam

What exactly does Adam do at Animoto? “I manage our current email programs and use email to ensure that our customers are provided with the necessary information to be successful with using our product,” he says. “And also to help inspire them to create tons of videos!”

Speaking of videos, Adam created the following video sharing some of his adventures across the globe:

“What I love most about traveling is stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing new and different cultures. Some of my recent adventures took me to Italy, Slovenia, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and I plan to travel to Dubai and Thailand in the fall,” says Adam. “My video highlights some of the great experiences I’ve had traveling. Looking at pictures and videos from my past trips is what motivates me to continue to discover new places I’ve never been before!”

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