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Animoto Brings Photo Books to Life with the Launch of Snapflix

Lauren Colman


Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve teamed up with Snapfish to offer Snapflix, a perfect hybrid between the physical world of photo books and the digital world of online video. It’s a perfect match that brings people two great experiences – Snapfish photo book creation + Animoto online video creation – for curating their most precious memories, sharing their life with friends and family and reliving those moments time and time again.

Snapfish Snapflix Animoto partnership

Snapflix combines the nostalgia and permanence of printed photo books with the emotional power of video, and helps Snapfish users magnify their storytelling ability. Now, on top of a beautiful photo book that can be passed around and shared as a gift, Snapfish users can relive the magic digitally with Snapflix by creating Animoto videos to share with friends and family quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works:

All Snapfish customers who purchase a photo book will now be able to enjoy it in Animoto video format, produced automatically from the same photos and content in the photo book. The Animoto video can be customized with different styles, music, captions and photos. Then every user’s unique video creation can be shared across social networks and watched anywhere, from any device.

Ready to create your own Snapflix video?

All you need to do is create and purchase a photo book on Snapfish and a preview of your Snapflix will be ready to view immediately afterwards. There’s a small fee to save and share your Snapflix video and you’ll always be able to view it and share it again through your Snapfish account. Enjoy!

Check out this example of how Snapflix works: