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A New Way to Help the Text in your Video Stand Out

Moira West


When you want to create a video that speaks to potential customers, you want your words to be as clear as possible. But sometimes, depending on your text color or the composition of your images or video clips, it can be a little difficult to see those words. So, to help you highlight your text, we’ve added a new feature you can turn off and on as needed to make your text easier to read.

How it works

Making your text pop is as simple as flipping a switch. Once you’ve added text to a block in your project, click SEE MORE to open your editing options. Select the T icon to edit text. Then, at the bottom of your block, you’ll see “ENHANCE LEGIBILITY” and an on/off toggle. Push the toggle to the ON position, and you’ll see the toggle turn blue. A dark background will appear behind light text and a light background will appear behind dark text to help it stand out.

Enhance Legibility feature in Animoto

And that’s it! You can use this feature for just one block, or go through and add it to each block in your project. Let us know how you like this new feature! Leave a comment or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.