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Cropping Tool & An Adorable New Style



Trim a step off your video creation process with our new built-in cropping tool.

Then show off the results with the cutest video style imaginable!

Now you can finally crop your photos within our video creator: say goodbye to that random person standing in the background of your family vacation photo, and focus in on the part of the shot that matters most.

We’ve also been busy creating a new video style. Like its name suggests, this adorable style was inspired by the Kawaii culture in Japan. It features bright colors, eye-catching effects, and text that reveals how you really feel.

See it in action with this quick tutorial of the cropping tool:

This style is full of energy, and an awesome choice whether you’re professing your love to your valentine, or just trying to make a friend smile.

Try it out for yourself right now (we suggest using the cutest photos you can find to get the full effect)!

The cropping tool is currently available on the Kawaii and Frameless styles.