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Personalize Videos with Your Own Music

Lauren Colman

Personalize Animoto Videos with Your Own Music

The Animoto music library has more than 3000 tracks to help set the tone for your video. If you can’t find the right tune from our song selector or if you want to use your own music, Animoto makes uploading a song from your personal music library to your video easy! Find out how it’s done on the web and iOS.


To add your own music to your video from the web choose the “Upload Songs” option, navigate through your computer files where your digital music is stored to find the song you want to add.

Animoto Web Song Selection


To add your own music to your video from your iOS device click Add Music from Your Device then select a song from your phone’s music library.

Animoto iOS Song Selection

Remember, the music found in the Animoto library is copyrighted content obtained through third party companies and is properly licensed to play and share on public sites. As always, if you are posting your videos on the internet, you should make sure that you have permission from the copyright holder to use specific music tracks. For more information read our music submission terms.

Download the Animoto app to your iOS device today to create a video with your custom music.