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Animoto for Photography Ad Campaign #5 of 10: Andy Bondurant

Jason Hsiao


Introducing the 5th participant in Animoto’s ad campaign: Andy Bondurant, founder of Senior Portrait Artists.

So far in our quest to feature the world’s best professional photographers, we’ve presented the incredibly talented Vicki Taufer, Kevin Kubota, David Ziser, and Kirk Voclain. This month, it gets even hotter with featured genius Andy Bondurant.

Andy Bondurant is the founder and director of Senior Portrait Artists (SPA), the largest organization of high school senior photographers. SPA aims to bring the best products, information and resources to its members while facilitating communication, collaboration, and inspiration. Andy maintains an active online forum, SPA Talk, publishes SPA TK Packets, and organizes SPA Events. If you’re a senior portrait photographer, you can’t miss SPA’s January event in San Diego, CA. Andy is married to famous senior portrait photographer Kia Bondurant of Antisdel.s Photography.

Find out why Andy Bondurant is committed heart, soul & body to Animoto.

Andy Bondurant, Senior Portrait Artists and Animoto