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Animoto has joined the Ultimate Stack

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All the tools you need, all in one place

We’re proud to be part of the Ultimate Stack, a curated list of cutting-edge tools and products that make life easier for small teams. Looking to skip the decision fatigue and get the best tech stack for your small business or agency? Look no further.

What’s the Ultimate Stack?

The Ultimate Stack is a collection of premier tech products specially chosen to help small businesses and creative agencies streamline their operations. It's a ready-made suite of tools built by industry leaders to address the core needs of modern digital workflows, from project management and design to customer engagement and analytics.

The stack is here to remove the guesswork from choosing technology, ensuring that every tool you work with is proven to be effective and reliable.

What’s included in the Ultimate Stack?

The Ultimate Stack features everything you need to manage your digital footprint, from social channels to website building to streamlined payment processing.

It's a comprehensive suite that includes Animoto for your video creation needs and a range of other innovative tools, each contributing to a seamless business operation.

At launch, the Ultimate Stack includes the following tools, covering a wide variety of your business’ needs.

  • AI design: AdCreative
  • Asset Management and creative operations: Air
  • Automated social, email, and beyond: Tailwind
  • Bookkeeping: Bench
  • Font Library & Design: Monotype
  • Payments: Hopscotch
  • Remote collaboration: Butter
  • Video creation: Animoto
  • Website builder: Readymag

Streamlining your decision making process

Selecting the right tech from thousands of options can be overwhelming. The Ultimate Stack simplifies this by bringing you a shortlist of the best tools out there, making your choice straightforward and confident.

Moving forward together

We're excited to bring you a cohesive set of tools that address all the problems that slow you down. Learn more about each of the tools in the stack by visiting the website at

With The Ultimate Stack, you have everything you need in one place, and we're excited to see how it helps your business grow.