Using Video on Your Homepage

Lauren Colman


As you build a content marketing strategy for your small business, consider these facts about video marketing. In a recent survey, we found that nearly all consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online and 77% consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers. You can tell customers about your company or product/service or you can show them!

Great news! A customer has found your online presence. Now you have the opportunity to fill them in on how your company provides a solution. A company overview video can be a powerful way to tell your story and showcase your products, services, store or restaurant. Don’t bury your overview video on an About page deep in your website, give it a place of importance on your homepage.

Using Video on Your Homepage

Easily embed a short, 60-second, video to capture a visitor’s attention before they ‘bounce’. The majority of consumers surveyed said they prefer to watch a shorter video when making a purchase decision. Be sure to provide the most important information in a succinct way. Need help? Visit our blog post that walk through how to embed a video on and Squarespace.

What do you want your new potential customer to do now that they watched your video? Include a compelling call to action to make it so they can easily navigate to other important content like contact information, locations and directions, hours of operation, etc.

Get started creating a video for your website today.