3 Ways to Build Business with Video Marketing



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Video is an invaluable marketing tool that allows you to tell a story and engage with potential customers.

With Animoto Pro, you can easily produce full-length videos that help you market yourself or your business in a creative way. Here are some ideas:

1. Product Use

Use photos and video clips to show how people are already using your product or service.  Include text to reinforce key messages and explain features of your product.

Here’s a great example of how to show a product’s value:

2. Customer Testimonials

Feature customers talking about your business.  Animoto limits video clips to 10 seconds or less, so focus on including meaningful soundbites.  If you want to extend a testimonial, place two 10-second clips in a row as you’re creating the video.

3. Video Newsletter

Make a monthly or quarterly newsletter that everyone will look forward to!  Make a list of the information that is most important to include in the newsletter, and communicate those pieces of news through a mixture of text, photos, and video clips.  Be sure to include a call-t0-action button so your viewers will know where to find more information.

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