Sue Bryce on the Importance of Good Energy and How to Achieve It

Megan O'Neill


“Your energy introduces you before you even speak,” Sue Bryce shared earlier this month at our live event, Social Marketing for Women in Business. She explains how important your energy is, not just when you walk into a room and meet people face to face, but on social media as well.

In the first section of her talk, which you can watch in the above clip, Sue shared advice for the women watching on how to adjust their energy. Read on for tips that can help you approach your business with a powerful energy of intention.

Try not to project.

“We, as women, watch people watch us. We watch people look at us, and then we determine what they think of us or how they judge us through a filter of our own thinking,” says Sue. “When you look at somebody looking at you, what you decide that they’re thinking of you is your thoughts about yourself—not theirs.”

Sell from a place of service, not need.

“Most people have no concept of how powerful the energy of intention is when you write a [social media] post. If you’re stinky and you need money, it is going to emit itself through your words, through your posts, through the way you’re marketing yourself.”

Listen to yourself.

Listen to yourself and your intention. Sue says, “I know that when my intention is off, when my energy is off, when I’m exhausted, when I’m overworked, when I’m pushing it too far, when I sound like I’m myself and other people, when I’m overselling, when I’m selling from a place of need instead of service, that that is highly communicated in my posts.”

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