Social Video Bootcamp Challenge #2: Storyboard it.

Megan O'Neill


Hello Social Video Bootcampers! It’s been awesome to see all of your Challenge #1 projects. Today, we’re excited to bring you Challenge #2! Watch the video, then read on to learn more.

The Challenge: Storyboard it.

This week’s challenge is to create a video using one of our square pre-built storyboards. We’ve got three square storyboards to choose from — a “Top 5 List,” an “Editorial” storyboard, and a “Content Teaser.” You can find and preview them all when you choose to create a “Marketing Video.”

Challenge Tips

Need a little help getting started? Here are some tips.

Choose the best storyboard for your story

You’ll be adding your own photos, video clips, and text to make the pre-built storyboard your own, so you should pick the one that fits the story you want to tell. Our existing storyboards were created for specific purposes, so choose the one that makes the most sense.

Top 5 List – This storyboard makes it quick and easy to create a list video. The example is around weddings, but it can be personalized to be about virtually anything. A real estate agent could do something around “5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Home;” a photographer could create a list of “5 Poses That’ll Make You Look Great,” a bakery could create a video featuring “5 Snacks that Go Great With Coffee.” You get the idea!

Editorial – This storyboard is designed to make it easy for you to showcase your expertise and serve up a story that your audience will want to share. The example uses text over photos and video clips to showcase research around sleeping with your pets, but you can drag and drop your own photos and/or video clips to tell pretty much any story related to your business.

Content Teaser – This storyboard is designed to help you create a short video that will drive traffic to blog posts, websites, events, webinars, and more. Drag and drop your own photos and video clips and use the text to share details about the content or event you’re promoting. Don’t forget to include a link out to whatever you’re promoting in the description when you share your teaser!

See what they all look like right here:

Feel free to change things up!

Pre-built storyboards are designed to help you get the ball rolling, but you definitely have the option to change things up and really make the video your own. In addition to adding your own photos and video clips and changing the text color and font, you can also move blocks around, as well as delete blocks or add more. For instance, the Top 5 List can become a Top 3 List or a Top 10 List by simply removing or adding blocks.

Have questions? Join the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook and ask away! Someone from the Animoto team (or a fellow Bootcamper) will be happy to help and provide feedback. Happy video making!