Social Video Bootcamp Challenge #1: Got it? Flaunt it.

Megan O'Neill


Today is the big day – our first Social Video Bootcamp challenge is live! Check out the video below and then read on to learn more.

The Challenge: Got it? Flaunt it.

This week’s challenge is to create a square video with 3 photos and/or video clips that you already have — specifically, 3 photos and/or video clips that you’ve previously posted to your Facebook page.

Challenge Tips

Need a little help getting started? Here are some tips that’ll make this challenge go more smoothly.

Downloading photos & videos from your Facebook page

First things first, we wanted to show you how to download the photos and video clips you’ve previously posted to your Facebook page. It’s super easy – we promise. Just head over to your Facebook page and click on the photo or video you’d like to use. Then, for photos, click on “Options” and select “Download” or, for videos, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and select “Download.” The files will be downloaded to your computer for your video-making pleasure!

Selecting photos and video clips for square

When choosing photos and video clips for this challenge, remember to keep in mind that you’ll be making a square video. For this reason, it’s important to select photos and video clips that can easily be cropped to a square shape. You can upload any size or shape of file to Animoto, but you will have to select a square portion of the image or video clip.

Use text to tell your story

Three photos and/or video clips may not seem like a lot, but you adding the right text to your video can go a long way in helping you tell the right story. Spoiler alert: one of our challenges will be related to text (hint: it’ll be the third challenge!) so stay tuned for more specific tips related to text.

Happy video making! If you’re looking for feedback or inspiration, come on over and join the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook. Share your challenge videos there and see what other people are creating as part of the Social Video Bootcamp!