Demo: Introducing 3 New Social-Ready Storyboards

Lucas Killcoyne

storyboard demo

As we created our latest batch of storyboards the idea that “People don’t share ads — they share stories” served as our guiding principle. We set out to create video templates designed to set you up to tell your brand’s story in an engaging, social-ready, and of course shareable way.

Jump right into your next project at the links below, or check out a demo from Animoto’s video production manager, Sally Sargood.

  • Tell a Travel Story: Inspired by viral video publishers, this storyboard is designed to help you stand out using clean cuts and vibrant text.
  • Wellness Explainer: Grab the attention of social media user with this storyboard, created to help you share your expertise in the most engaging manner possible.
  • Real Estate Explainer: The internet loves a good stat. We created this storyboard for Real Estate pros, but the framework can be applied across a wide variety of businesses.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments. For feedback on your work from fellow video creators, join our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.