How To: Choose The Visual Style of Your Video

The visual style of your video is in many ways like a book cover — it makes an important first impression to the viewer. Unlike a book cover, your video’s style should carry throughout its entirety, so you’ll want to pick a look that matches your company’s personality and aesthetic (and not just your own, personal style). In this guide, we’ll cover some things to consider when choosing the visual style of your business video. While there’s no “right” way to approach visual style, there are a few options that generally work best for different types of companies and business attributes.

Here are four common visual styles for you to consider for your videos:

Clean Visual Video Style

This visual style is simple and pared down, and typically uses a solid color background with modern fonts. It tends to be most popular option because it can suit a wide range of businesses, from law firms to locksmiths. You’ll want to keep the narration — voice or text — crisp as well; lengthy descriptions or long-winded quotes defeat the purpose of showcasing a simple style.

What it says about your business: professional, trustworthy, efficient, established

Popular for: Can be adapted for all, but especially good for service businesses that want to convey trust and reliability, and products that convey easy of use and/or simplicity.

Bold Visual Video Style

Often achieved through the use of big fonts, all-caps text, geometric graphics, or punchy animations, this visual style suits businesses that aren’t afraid to make a statement and get noticed. Color is another way to convey boldness. Instead of muted backgrounds, don’t be afraid to use vibrant ones. If you’re going bold, however, you still want to make sure that all the elements complement your business aesthetic.

What it says about your business: cutting-edge, modern, trendy, pushing boundaries

Popular for: Fashion and lifestyle products, hot new consumer technology, mobile apps, trendy restaurants, and games

Artsy Visual Video Style

With interesting fonts, decorative graphics or illustrations, this visual style works well with creative businesses, whether that’s service-related — such as a graphic design firm — or a shop selling artisan goods. As such, there’s a lot of leeway with this style in showcasing the creativity associated with your business.

What it says about your business: creative, artsy, friendly

Popular for: Coffee shops, arts and crafts, neighborhood bars and restaurants, and musicians

Casco Bay Soap Co.

Elegant Visual Video Style

This type of style has a classic feel, most often demonstrated by slow animation or gradual pans of video and imagery, accompanied by lavish fonts (think script fonts, or thin all-caps, etc) or other types of visual ornamentation. It works particularly well for high-end stores or services that cater to upscale clientele.

What it says about your business:: timeless, high-quality, premium, traditional

Popular for: High-end home decor, weddings, fine-dining restaurants, and higher-end real estate

Hyatt Weddings

Regardless of which visual style you choose for your video, just remember two important things: keep it consistent with your brand or business identity, and keep it interesting.

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