5 Presidents’ Day Videos To Inspire You To Use Humor In Your Video Strategy

Megan O'Neill


Presidents’ Day is known for one big thing and, oddly enough, it’s got very little to do with George Washington or Abraham Lincoln but rather, sales. Car sales, mattress sales, clothing sales – you name it. With all these sales going on, we thought today would be the perfect day to bring you a little bit of sales video inspiration, Presidents’ Day-style.

5 Presidents’ Day Videos To Inspire You To Use Humor In Your Video Strategy

So we’ve compiled a list of five Presidents’ Day sale videos that we hope will get you thinking about using humor in your promotional video strategy (or at least put a smile on your face). While you may not have a massive budget for video, you can still stand out by being funny in your videos – when appropriate, of course.

Honda – Who’s Your Founding Father?

Our first video is a 2013 Presidents’ Day Sale video from Honda. With this ad, Honda brought in hundreds of thousands of views across YouTube, inspired parodies and stood out from the competition through their use of humor.

ASI Furniture – All About The Benjamins

This is a great example of humor via a good play on words, similar to Honda’s but done on a lower budget. This video consists of a single shot, some presidential costumes and computer-generated titles. Click the image to watch the video.


Mattresses For Less – Kid Presidents

Mattresses For Less got creative with this Presidents’ Day Sale video and brought in kids. The kids are so adorable that they could be talking about anything and viewers might be inclined to share. – Singing Presidents

Last week we covered some tips on how to feel more comfortable in front of a camera. Still not comfortable enough to star in your own video? shows how you can use photos or animation instead of an on-camera personality.

Ontario Auto Center – Mount Rushmore

Finally, Ontario Auto Center really plays up the weird factor in their video, which leaves you wondering what you just watched. But it sure is memorable!

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