Getting Started with Animoto for Craftsy Instructors

Megan O'Neill


We’re so excited to have you — Craftsy’s top instructors — try out Animoto to create professional marketing videos.

With Animoto, it’s not only easy to make videos that reflect you and your brand, but it’s even easier to get those videos seen with one-click posting to social media.

To get started with your free Animoto Professional account, enter your email address below and we’ll set up your account on our end. A Craftsy team member will then follow up with you.


Sample Videos + Tips for Using Animoto

To get a better sense of the types of videos you can create with Animoto’s easy drop-and-drag interface, check out the examples below.


This video gives viewers an idea of the irresistibly beautiful cakes they could learn to make from the course. The text slides and captions help give contextual information about some of the techniques covered.

The music sets a great tone for the video. Animoto’s Professional package has 2000 commercially licensed songs ready for use, so regardless of what subject you cover, you’re bound to find a tune that fits the mood you’re going for. Lastly, you’ll notice how the video ends with a logo. In Animoto, you can upload your logo and have it appear in a polished way at the start or end of your video — or in both places.

When you use one of our custom video styles (Documentary, Classic, or Frameless), you can set the background color and font to whatever you’d like. That works particularly well in this video, since the bright pink background color complements the wonderfully vibrant cakes.

You’ll also notice that this video clocks in at just over 30 seconds — just enough to pique and keep viewers’ interests. Some people even create 15-second Animoto videos to use on Instagram, driving home the idea of “short and sweet.” With Animoto’s pacing controls, you can slow down or speed up your video to your liking.

For more tips on making the most out of your Animoto videos, head on over to our blog .

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