6 Proposal Ideas that Keep Her Personality in Mind

Beth Forester


Ask anyone: creativity matters in a proposal. After all, it’s the story your significant other's going to have to share, over and over again. So, why not take the time to think of something a little bit more unique than hiding the ring in a piece of chocolate cake at a fancy restaurant?

Well, Valentine’s Day happens to be right around the corner, and it’s always a popular day to get engaged. So to help get your creative juices flowing for an awesome proposal, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ideas that take into account the personality and likes of the person you love, so that you’ll score a homerun in the proposal department.

Pick a special location

As a couple, you probably have a few spots that are special to you — whether that’s because it was the spot of your first date, your first kiss, or the place where you both said those all-important three words. When it came time to propose to his girlfriend, Katie, John picked her family's favorite vacation spot when she was growing up. As you can see in this video, a friend caught the awesome, snowy proposal in action and the rest is history!

Say it with video: recreate a scene from her favorite movie

We might be dating ourselves here, but “Say Anything” has to be one of our favorite 80s movies. Who doesn’t love that iconic scene, where John Cusack’s character holds up a boombox with a song to boldly declare his love?! If this happens to be your girl’s favorite movie, recreate the scene by holding up your laptop (hey, it’s the new millennium) and play her favorite song as you propose. Of course, you’ll have to capture it all on video, so you can include it in a wedding rehearsal video or even at your wedding itself, for the ultimate “awwwwww” reaction from the crowd. Or, recreate a scene from a different movie that happens to be her favorite.

Get family involved

Does the love of you life live for family? Get them involved in your proposal! Ask Mom and Dad to lend a hand, or have the kids give their input, as Chris did when he proposed to his girlfriend, Nelly.

Make the ring box meaningful

Not every proposal has to be elaborate and public. If your special someone is more of a “Netflix and chill”-type person versus a “sit in a crowded stadium”-type, there are plenty of ways to go about it. For the bookworm, consider hiding the ring in a hollow book that has special meaning to her (there are tons of options on Etsy), and keep the actual proposal nice and simple.

Do what you both love to do

If you both really enjoy doing something, this option is a no brainer. Take your significant other out to a ballgame, go dancing, or get down on one knee during Crossfit. No matter what you choose, you'll let him or her know that you put a lot of thought into your proposal.

Create the ultimate “night in”

Sometimes it’s nice to have a cozy night in, just the two of you, with a bottle of wine, some takeout, and a great movie. Well, get your friends in on the proposal by setting up the ultimate night in. Start by having each friend deliver something that would make the evening special. One friend can start off by delivering flowers, another can deliver a meal, and another one can bring over dessert — you get the picture. But here’s a fun twist: enlist your friends to hide a phrase in each item. So for example, the bouquet can have the word “will” while the pizza box can have the word “you” — all to spell out that special phrase. And when everything’s been delivered, you can ask her to find all the words. And why not invite all your friendly “messengers” over afterwards to celebrate the momentous occasion they helped create?

Regardless of how you decide to propose, just remember this: all that matters is that it’s from the heart. Do you have a creative proposal story or idea you’d like to share? We’d love to hear ‘em!

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