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New Video Style: Vintage Voyage

Megan Etzel


Today, we introduce our newest video style, vintage voyage!.

Vintage Voyage Video Style

Using maps, clocks, compasses, vines, and picture frames in the background, Vintage Voyage sets a scene that is bound to induce feelings of nostalgia, along with adventurous feelings of fun in your video.

Great for bringing together photos of explorations, vacations, or recording precious moments in time, it can tell stories by chronicling the important moments and bring you on a journey through a wordless saga that the photos create. Your video is bound to create recollections that will travel like growing vines, stretch through time, and span across memories.

Use Vintage Voyage to…

Show off of an unforgettable vacation: No matter how long, how local, or how far away.

Showcase an epic exploration: Run across the world, through time, and into space.

Travel down the memory lane: Take yourself back in time, and bring everyone else with you.

Go ahead and give it a try! Get started with your own vintage voyage video and let those old memories resurface!