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Connecting your Cloud Storage with Animoto: A Complete Guide

Eliza Talvola


Creating on-brand videos using your media just got a whole lot easier. With our latest integrations, you can access and upload your media from wherever your files are stored. Keep reading to learn how you can import media from Drive, Dropbox, and more, straight into your Animoto workspace.

How to connect to cloud storage

There are two ways to set up asset integration and start importing media from your drive. It all depends on whether you get started with a pre-made template or create your own video from scratch.

Start from a template

Hit the ground running on a new video by using any of our customizable templates!

After selecting a template, you’ll be transported to your video workspace. Here, you’ll see your Media Library tab. Click the Import from… button. A new window will open with five different integration options.

Connecting your Cloud Storage - Import media

Simply select the drive of your choice from the icons and sign in. Once you’re signed in, you can select whatever photos, gifs, and video clips you want for your video. Press the "Upload files" button to seamlessly add them to the Media Library tab in your Animoto workspace. You can connect and share files from multiple sources for a single video project.


Once your files are uploaded, you can drag and drop into your video. Learn more about supported file types here.

Start from scratch

Starting from scratch is a great way to make unique videos. If you choose to go this route, you’ll be taken through four quick setup steps. The fourth step, Upload Media, is where you’ll be given the option to import media from the drive(s) of your choosing.

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 12.49.02 PM

Just like above, you’ll need to select the drive of your choice. Then, follow the steps above to select and import your media. You can share assets from additional drives later by visiting the Media Library tab in your video workspace.

Why integrate your assets with Animoto

With thousands of licensed stock images and videos and endless media uploads, it’s never been easier to add media to your videos. All you have to do is drag and drop your media into a template to transform it into a professional video! Now, we’ve made it even easier to access and upload the media you want from the tools you already use.

We’ve made it easy to import media from Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box into your Animoto workspace. Rather than downloading and re-uploading your files into Animoto, you can connect your accounts and access your media in minutes.

Connecting your cloud storage and Animoto helps you:

  • Save time: Don’t let downloads slow you down! Seamlessly connect your cloud storage account to Animoto so you can access your files any time, no downloads necessary.
  • Save space: You already stored your media – don’t waste device storage by re-downloading it! When you connect your cloud storage, you can avoid the downloads and storage drain altogether.
  • Stay organized: Manage and organize all the files you need to make your videos, from video clips to logos and scripts.
  • Collaborate on assets: Collaborate with your team to create and choose the right video assets before you bring them over to Animoto.
  • Everything in one place: No need to worry about jumping between tabs and folders. With Animoto, everything you need to create videos is all in one place.

Video-making, made easy

Animoto is an all-in-one video tool. We help simplify the video-making process for everyone, every step of the way. You can visit our blog for additional video inspiration and support. Or, connect with Animoto on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to get more tips and tricks from fellow video-makers.