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Animoto Releases 22 New Video Styles in 2014

Lauren Colman


2014 was a busy year for our Motion Design Team. This brilliant team created and released 22 new Animoto video styles perfect for any occasion. Let’s take a look back!


If you haven’t tried them yet, you will love our new Customizable Styles, Classic, Frameless and Documentary. These simple and elegant styles allow you to personalize your video with font, color, animation and transition options. Bonus, you can add video clips of any length to these styles.


We were honored to work in conjunction with renowned photographers Jerry Ghionis, Jared Platt, Kelly Brown and Jen Rozenbaum for some of our best photography-focused styles yet.

Our design team also partnered up with Seniors Ignite, Clickin Moms and Design Aglow to create three of the most unique styles this year.


As you’ve come to expect from Animoto, we’ve added styles perfect for the special occasions and big events in your life. From Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween (our favorite holiday), even Independence Day, we’ve got your video needs covered.

The design team considered all of the major events in a person’s life. We introduced styles perfect for your wedding day, introducing a new member of the family and creating a tribute to those who are no longer with us.


Sometimes we just like to have fun! We added some video styles that satisfied the creative urges of our Motion Design Team. Fancy a trip to the cuteness of Japan? Or how about a walk down the runway? We’ve got a style for that!

Watch a recap of our new styles for 2014 then visit Animoto to start creating a video with them.