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Spinning a new style: Vintage Vinyl

Beth Forester


April 16, 2016 is Record Store Day (yes, there’s a day for practically everything). And although we didn’t time it this way on purpose, we’re pretty happy to be releasing our latest style that totally fits in line with the theme of the day — Vintage Vinyl!

New Style Vintage Vinyl

Like the grooves on a familiar record, this new style has a distinctly retro feel to it. How? Well, our motion designers went to great lengths to make sure that each photo would look like the cover of an old album, but done in a way that makes it seem truly authentic.

We think this style can work for all sorts of videos, from a nostalgic class reunion slideshow to a birthday video for a friend. Here’s a sample video made with Vintage Vinyl:

So go out and celebrate Record Store Day by supporting your local record store, and while you’re at it, give Vintage Vinyl a spin and let us know what you think.

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