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New! Add Split Screen Layouts to Your Marketing Videos

Megan O'Neill


Take your marketing videos to the next level with our latest new Marketing Video Builder feature – split screen layouts. Split screen layouts make it easy to crop photos and video clips to the left or right to spotlight text and help it stand out.

Read on to learn more about how to use split screen layouts with all of our marketing video styles, including square videos, and then check out some examples below.

How to use split screen layouts

Creating a split screen effect is easy. Once you’ve added a photo or video block in your “Marketing Video” project, simply click SEE MORE to open up all your editing options.

Then, under the “EDIT IMAGE” tab, click “CROP LEFT” or “CROP RIGHT” to position your image or video clip and then add your text on the opposite side!

See split screen layout examples

Looking for a little inspiration? Here are some examples of the split screen layout feature in action – starting with one of our own. Beth from the Animoto team created this video to post on social. A split screen layout for the title made it easy to capture viewers’ attention as they scrolled through their news feed, with easy-to-read text, indicating what the video is about, next to an image.

And here’s a square video example from ShelterBox USA, a nonprofit dedicated to disaster relief. They used split screen layouts to turn photos and videos shot on a mobile device into this video that drove $3200 in donations.

Looking for a jumpstart? Our “Agent Testimonial” pre-built storyboard is a great example of an Animoto Marketing Video Builder project that uses split screen layouts. Create a video and take the storyboard for a spin or check out our blog post on how to use pre-built storyboards.

Have you used split screen layouts yet? Let us know what you think or share your projects with us in the comments or on social media, using the hashtag #MyAnimoto.