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New! We’ve Added 70 New Songs from Triple Scoop Music

Megan O'Neill


Music is a great way to set the mood and add a bit of personality to your videos. Today, we’re pleased to share that we’ve updated our library with 70 new Triple Scoop Music tracks.

The new collection includes songs from a variety of genres, from Rock and Pop to Electronic and Dance, Americana, Orchestral, and everything in between. Check out some of our favorite new tracks in the following video and check out the complete list (sorted by genre) below.

Here’s a complete list of our new Triple Scoop Music tracks, which are available to Professional and Business users:


_Instrumental Acoustic:
_Caity Copley — “Atelier (Instrumental)”
Salt Of The Sound — “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Instrumental)”
Tyler Stenson — “Explode”

Adult Contemporary

_Instrumental Adult Contemporary:
_Jared Lutes — “Lionheart Soul”


Tyler Stenson — “Leave Where I’m From”

_Instrumental Americana:
_Jared Lutes — “This Kind Of Love”
Mark Buergler — “Old Tales”
Stephanie Schneiderman — “Wherever You Go”


Supernova — “Gonna Happen Today”


Bailay — “Jet Set Life”
Mikey Wax — “You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)”

_Instrumental Dance:
_Arpeggio — “All Because Of You (Instrumental)”
Das Tapes — “Supreme”
Xavier & Ophelia — “Somebody”

Easy Listening

_Instrumental Easy Listening:
_Kent Marcum — “The Journey”
Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald — “Song Of The Land”


Oxylice — “All I Need”

_Instrumental Electronic:
_Jason Pfaff — “All The Way”
John Gentry Tenny — “Amour (Instrumental)”
Joseph Rusnak — “Spider”
Smookie Illson — “Uptown Downtown”


_Instrumental Jazz:
_Lenny Marcus Trio — “Time Is Coming Soon”

New Age

Salt Of The Sound — “As The Mist Clears”

_Instrumental New Age:
_Daniel Ho — “Ends Of The Earth”
Lewis Newman — “City”
Medwyn Goodall — “Tir Nam Beo (The Land of the Living)”
The Vortex — “I Will Love You Forever (Instrumental)”


Tim Besamusca — “Age Of Harmony”

_Instrumental Orchestral:
_Abbas Premjee — “A Whimsical Journey (Instrumental)”
Caity Copley — “You Walked Away”
Deborah Johnson — “Point Of No Return”
Joseph Rusnak — “Joyful Serenity”
Looking Glass Symphony — “Lovesick Puppy”
Looking Glass Symphony — “Yes I Do”
The Cullens — “1 Winner (Instrumental)”


Caity Copley — “Hard To Love”
Mikey Wax — “You Lift Me Up”

_Instrumental Pop:
_3 Theory — “Just Getting Started (Instrumental)”
Caity Copley — “Dry”
Ernie Halter — “America’s Got A Broken Heart (Instrumental)”
Fairground Lights — “Go For It”
Flake — “As Time Goes”
Flake — “Shootin’ Star”
Memory Flowers — “Give It A Shot”
Mikey Wax — “You Lift Me Up (Hot AC Mix)”
PHX-periment — “Live 4 Ever”
Rolf Schnyder — “Round The Corner”


Darius Lux — “World Keeps On Turnin'”
Supernova — “Happy Times”
Supernova — “Whistling Happy”
Yogi Lonich — “Sitting On Top Of The World”

_Instrumental Rock:
_Bella Ruse — “Fool (Instrumental)”
Bella Ruse — “Those Were Good Times (Instrumental)”
Carey Ott — “Being Alive”
Chris Spring — “Doin’ It Right”
Chris Spring — “I’m Taken Higher”
Chris Spring — “Overcome”
Jennings — “One Brick”
Mark Buergler — “Fire”
Supernova — “It’s Wonderful”


Amycanbe — “Wake Me Up”
Bob Malone — “Where My Heart Will Be Found”
Gerald White — “Summer Sun”
Hannah Ford — “Good Morning Sunshine”
Jennings — “Distance”
Steve Collom — “I Would Give You The World”
Tyler Stenson — “Big Hearts”

_Instrumental Singer-Songwriter:
_Bella Ruse — “Complicated Rhythm (Instrumental)”
Caity Copley — “California Weather (Instrumental)”


Nikhil Korula Band — “Save The World”

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