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Creating Videos Just Got Better.

Megan Etzel


A Better Way to Create Videos

It’s new. It’s improved. It’s like never before.

So, what’s new? Check out the video above for a quick overview. We’ve got a bunch of new features available now (and more on the way!) that will make the way you create videos faster, easier, and way more fun. For more details, read on!

All-in-one – choose your style, images, and music in one place

Animoto streamlined video creation process

Every step you need to create your video is on the left side. As you add the elements you need into your video, a green checkmark will appear. When everything has been added, “Produce Video” will turn green. That means you’re ready to create your video!

Expandable workspace – see up to 300 images at a time

Animoto Video See 300 images

Sometimes you want to see the whole layout of your video. Stretch the size of your browser’s window in the bottom-right corner, and your workspace will adjust accordingly.

Larger image previews – know which photo is which

Animoto Image Preview

Wait, was that the photo you wanted to spotlight? Find out fast with full-size image previews by double-clicking on the image. (It also tells you the size of your image!)

Clearer text – view your words right on the thumbnail

Animoto Video Add Text

A great video should have some text to help tell the story of your wedding/birthday/intergalactic vacation. Now know what each tile says without having to click on it!

Easier music – sort the music library by title, artist, and length

Animoto Video Add Music

Know you need a song longer than 3 minutes? Click on “length” to sort all of the songs in a genre by length. Love everything by Daddy’s the Engine? Click on “Artist” to sort by artist. Remember the name of the song but nothing else? You guessed it – clicking on “Song Title” will sort the songs alphabetically.

Advanced Settings – change ’em at any time

Animoto Video Advanced Settings

Adjust your settings such as the title, thumbnail, and description at any time in the top-right corner.

Want more information about what’s new? We’ll be doing webinars all week. Sign up here!