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Introducing Preview and My Videos



Today, we are excited to roll out new additions to Animoto that make it even easier to create and manage your videos.

Video Preview Page

Now preview your video before it’s created. Whether you are using our free product or a regular subscriber who makes full-featured videos, it just got easier.

After uploading your pictures and videos you can hit the “Preview” button to get a sneak peak at your video. Be sure to choose a video style, music and add words to help tell your story. At any point, hit preview to see how the video is coming along.

Preview saves time by letting you avoid waiting for videos to be produced before being able to view them.  If you use the free iPhone app, you may have already used this feature. It lets you make adjustments before taking it to final.

We also made changes to the My Videos Page where you can view all your Animoto videos in one place. With a new thumbnail design, the new My Videos page makes it easier to organize and manage your videos.  We’ve also added a search bar so you can quickly find a video.

My Video Page

If you haven’t tried Animoto or haven’t been back in awhile, come check it out! We are Pinning videos we love and to provide inspiration. Check them out!

For more about these changes, you can visit our FAQ.