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Announcing “Best Fit” Photo and Video Syncing

Tyler Michel


It’s been a long time comin’, but hang on to your seats because it’s finally here: announcing the Best Fit feature for Animoto!

And no, we’re not talking some crazy new diet fad; we’re talking about one of the most requested features from our devoted users.

So what’s it all about? “Best Fit” automatically paces your images and video clips to match the length of your favorite tune. No awkward timing and no fussing around to try to pinpoint a precise moment of a song. it’s just one more way our video engine takes the headache out of making beautiful videos. Plus, adding images or changing the song means you no longer have to start from scratch. Now you can do it automatically with just a few clicks.

You’re itching to try it out, right? Go to it. Here’s how:

  1. Click the settings icon, in the top right corner of the creation page. A dialog window will appear.
  1. Underneath the Image Pacing options, you’ll see a switch that you can toggle from manual to auto.
  1. Click on toggle to enable “Best Fit.” Once enabled, the pacing of your images will automatically sync with your song. If you want to adjust the start or end of the song, use the Song Trim options right above the Image Pacing options.

If you have a Plus, Pro or Pro Premium account, you can give this feature a whirl.

If you’re using Animoto Lite, the “Best Fit” feature is as good an excuse as any to upgrade your account and give your videos that extra polish (along with a bunch of other great features).