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Animoto 3 Beta: What You Need To Know

Megan O'Neill


Interested in learning more about Animoto 3 Beta? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, including what Animoto 3 Beta is, how to opt in and out, and how to get in touch with feedback and questions!


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What is Animoto 3?

Animoto 3 is a faster, easier way to make videos that get you noticed. It’s a brand new version of our marketing video builder, built based on your feedback.

We created our original marketing video builder, now called Animoto 2, back in 2016. The product was designed to make it easy to create marketing videos that stand out on social media. But in the past four years, a lot has changed. Social video has become more than a nice to have—it’s now an integral part of small business marketing. And we believed that we could upgrade our video builder to something that made it even easier to create stunning professional videos.

After months of research and countless interviews, we’ve spent the past three months completely redesigning the entire Animoto experience from the ground up. Animoto 3 Beta is your chance to be among the first to try out the new experience, and we think you’re going to love it!

What’s new in Animoto 3?

When you opt in to Animoto 3 Beta, here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Vertical videos: Reach more people with videos formatted for IG & FB Stories. You’ll still be able to create landscape and square videos too.
  • New video styles: Make your videos even more stunning with professional motion graphic designs.
  • Dynamic text animations: Grab attention on social with stylized text that stands out in the feed. Get more control by mixing and matching text and video styles.
  • Themes: Recommended style, font, and color combinations, curated by expert designers to help set the mood for your video.
  • Flexible text placement: Say goodbye to the text grid! In Animoto 3 you can place text anywhere so you can keep your products front and center.
  • Easy undo and redo: The freedom to edit with confidence. Easily try things out and go back in a click if you change your mind.
  • One-click export and download: Share videos to social media with ease.
  • Ready-made video templates: No need to replace photos and video clips in templates. Just add your logo and text and you’re done. All photos, designs, and video clips are included.

How to opt in to Animoto 3 Beta

Before we officially launch Animoto 3, we’re making it available to try! To opt in to Animoto 3 Beta, simply log into Animoto, go to your My Videos dashboard, and click on Join Animoto 3 Beta.


When you opt in to Animoto 3 Beta, there are a few things you should know:

  • You can open Animoto 2 projects in Animoto 3. When you do, we’ll make a copy of your project. The original version will be retained and can be opened in Animoto 2, should you decide to opt out of the Beta. Note that the ability to opt out will only be available until Animoto 3 officially launches.
  • Just like with Animoto 2, you will not have the ability to open Memories videos in Animoto 3. Videos created with our legacy product can only be opened with our legacy product.
  • If you decide to opt out and go back to Animoto 2, you will not be able to open Animoto 3 projects. You will, however, still be able to watch, share, and download videos created with Animoto 3.

How to opt out of Animoto 3 Beta

Once you’ve tried Animoto 3 Beta, if you want to change back to Animoto 2 for any reason you can for a limited time. But it’s important to note that, once we officially launch Animoto 3, Animoto 2 will no longer be available.

In the meantime, to leave Animoto 3 Beta and go back to Animoto 2, simply click on Back to Animoto 2 on your My Videos dashboard. You’ll be given a short survey asking why you’re going back. We’d appreciate you filling it out so we can learn from your feedback!


Let us know what you think!

Speaking of feedback, we built Animoto 3 based on customer feedback so we’d love to know what you think!