4 Pro Tips for Searching Animoto’s Getty Images Library

Megan O'Neill


Have you checked out our library of over 1 million photos and video clips from Getty Images? Added to Animoto Professional and Business accounts earlier this year, this new collection is making it even quicker and easier to create marketing videos with Animoto.

This week we were joined by Getty Images’ Senior Video Art Director, Alwyn Gosford, for a Facebook Live event. Alwyn chatted with Animoto’s Chief Video Officer Jason Hsiao about holiday marketing with video. As part of their chat, Alwyn offered up some pro tips for how to approach your search to find the right imagery. We’ve rounded them up here. Let’s dive in!

Tip #1: Start wide then narrow down

Alwyn told us, “The way we usually recommend clients search is to start wide and then narrow down.” Instead of putting in a lot of keywords all at once, start with something broad like “holidays,” “family,” or “vacation.” See what results you get and then refine your search by adding more keywords based on what you see that you like.

stock photo search

Tip #2: Use connecting words

As you refine your search, use connecting words. You can include the words AND, NOT, and OR to help you narrow down the results to the images that are the most relevant to what you’re looking for.

For instance, say you’re looking for an image of a family for a video ad you’re creating. You might have started with the search for “family” pictured above and gravitated towards the images of families celebrating outdoors. Refining your search to “family and outdoors” will start to narrow things down for you. Say, though, that your business primarily serves young couples without children and you notice that a lot of the results feature families with small children. You could refine your search again to be “family and outdoors no children.”

“By using these connecting words—and, not, and or—you can refine your search really nicely,” Alwyn told us. And by starting broad and narrowing in, it also opens up the opportunity for you to see something nice that you hadn’t thought of, and wouldn’t have seen if you had started with a narrow search.

Tip #3: Search for conceptual keywords

“We ask our contributors to add conceptual keywords,” Alwyn shared. Searching for conceptual keywords can open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

For example, when searching for something like family, searching for familial concepts like “community,” “togetherness,” “love,” or “security” can help you find the right kind of family imagery you’re looking for.

Concepts can also be helpful when you aren’t sure exactly what you want to show but you know what mood you’d like to convey. Seeing the results you get when searching for a mood or concept can give you inspiration for more literal things to search for.

Tip #4: Drag the window for better visibility

Finally, Alwyn reminded our viewers of a little aspect of the Animoto interface that can make your search a whole lot easier: the ability to drag the search window to the right to give you more space to view the results. To take advantage of this, simply use your mouse to click and drag the window from the right side and drag it back when your’e done.

Drag Window Stock Library

For more tips from Alwyn, including how to use imagery to capture attention on social media and how to approach your search for photos and video clips with your brand in mind, check out the full Facebook Live event.