Sound, Lighting, and Stability: 3 Tips for Shooting Video Like a Pro

Megan O'Neill


The coverage of the 2nd annual Social Video Marketing Summit presented by Animoto continues with more tips from Brian Peters, Digital Media Strategist at Buffer! This is our third blog post featuring tips from Brian’s Summit talk. If you missed the first two, check them out: We’ve shared 5 ideas for getting started with social video and a look into the optimal length for videos on Facebook. This time, Brian’s diving into tips for shooting professional video footage.

“You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to be a professional video person to be good at videos.” He takes a look at three elements that can really give your videos a professional look and feel.


Your sound should be “crisp, clear, and audible,” says Brian. He recommends getting a lavalier mic to get really good sound if you’ll be speaking on camera. Looking for more tips? Check out the following video from our Facebook series on shooting better videos.


Brian recommends using natural light. Go outside or use light that’s coming through a window. However, if you don’t have natural light at your disposal, Brian says to use white light. “Not yellow lights. White lights are the best.” Need a little extra help? We’ve got you covered with another video from our Facebook series.


Finally, Brian suggest stability as the third element that can make or break how professional your video looks. He recommends investing in a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod yet, here are some tips you can try to increase the stability of your video footage.

Do you have any tips to share that’ve helped you shoot better video? We’d love to hear them! Join the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community to share your best advice and watch our full Summit to learn more about how to succeed with video for your business.